Mitesh, Sulai Hospitality

Even if another company was $100,000 lower i would still use your company because your company is valuable to the success of my projects.

Indigo, Chattanooga TN

The refreshing thing about DH is their mindset is always to be in the corner of the ownership team by focusing on providing high quality materials within the standards of the brand that they are working with.

Hampton Inn, Pennsville PA

Dae and his team came to my office fully prepared with detailed drawings and pricing, it almost seemed too good to be true, helped finalize the package and saved us almost $100,000 on one item!

Hampton Inn, Gretna VA

DH could have allowed the process to continue and simply completed their duties as procurers, but their sincerity and mindfulness has saved me many headaches and a lot of money.

Centennial Plaza, Gulfport MI

The advantages of working with DH stem from their client oriented service, and dedication to stand as a resource to client through all phases of development, whether it be timely communications, beautiful design selections, site visits, quality produced case goods, or...