About DHospitality

Quality and Value

We always strive to provide great quality products at the best Value. With Dhospitality, giving the best price doesn’t mean sacrificing quality in our products.

Design Team

Our design team is passionate about our company’s product and fulfilling our clients’ needs. With years of experience and a keen eye for contemporary design, our team provides products that meet the specifications of each project and deliver a high level of quality and aesthetics to the end product.

Manufacturing Partnerships

We have long established relationships with production facilities out of mainland China, giving us the ability to ensure a high level of quality control and precise delivery execution for each product. We also hold the advantages of being able to provide a variety of quantities for each product line, giving our clients access to the best possible pricing in the US and Overseas.

Post-Sales Services

Our service does not stop with the final sale of our products. We follow through with our orders by verifying appropriate delivery and that our products meet the quality and fitment that our clients require.

Sales Team

First and foremost, our goal on any project is understanding our clients’ needs. Our sales team is focused on gathering information on project guidelines and developing a strong foundation for project requirements.


Unique to our industry is DHospitality’s ability to bond each and every Client to ensure them that the products in both the US and overseas will be insured at a high rate of guaranteed value against any damages.

Who is DHospitality?

DHospitality is a design and purchasing company specializing in interior design and purchasing for major hotel brands like Marriott and Hilton. We provide a turn key Multi-Value solution for all segments from budget to luxury.

Our goal is mutual success and long term partnership. We do market studies of where our client hotel stands in the COMP set and build a budget around the new design that can support the hotels financial needs, which in return provides the best ROI for the owners. We have found this approach to be very effective in making sure the new increase in room rate (ADR) and occupancy will justify any renovation or new build costs.

Our approach has proven to save owners from the original budget, without compromising in integrity of the design or quality. Our approach saves hundreds of thousands for our clients.

Client Testimonials

{Even if another company was $100,000 lower i would still use your company because your company is valuable to the success of my projects.
Mitesh, Sulai Hospitality
{The refreshing thing about DH is their mindset is always to be in the corner of the ownership team by focusing on providing high quality materials within the standards of the brand that they are working with.
{Dae and his team came to my office fully prepared with detailed drawings and pricing, it almost seemed too good to be true, helped finalize the package and saved us almost $100,000 on one item!
{DH could have allowed the process to continue and simply completed their duties as procurers, but their sincerity and mindfulness has saved me many headaches and a lot of money.
{The advantages of working with DH stem from their client oriented service, and dedication to stand as a resource to client through all phases of development, whether it be timely communications, beautiful design selections, site visits, quality produced case goods, or keeping the bottom line as a top priority, DH is always willing to go the extra mile.
{DHospitality can do it all. They do the design, handle any architectural needs, brand presentation meetings, approvals, purchasing and delivery.
{I have to admit, I was pretty impressed to start with, but when we got the brand approval on our DoubleTree FF&E so quickly, it was clear that the brand has a lot of faith in DH team ability to produce great results.

Here are brands we have worked with:

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Put DHospitality's Trained Professionals in your court.

Our team of knowledgeable, trained professionals will not only help you with design and procurement, but also value engineer your project. When you have a team of winners on your side, you save money.

Is there an A to Z system for the entire process?

Every project is unique. As such, DHospitality will follow the progress of your project, working with you to understand not only the products, but also to understand the install aspects.

Warranty and Guarantee

DHospitality is ready to stand behind its products and services. If you have any issue in your project, please reach out to us for a solution!