Our Process

We have a flexible 5-phase approach to achieve the highest quality of service and implementation, and to value engineer your design and/or procurement. Our flexibility means we can meet any demand of your project, adapting our approach as necessary to continue to stay within budget.

Our Five Phase Process:

Phase 1: Define overall scope

  • Detailed outline of design intent by DHospitality staff, and all involved parties. IE: Ownership, Management, other firms (Architect, Interior Design), etc as necessary.
  • Investigation and evaluation of design, and organization into files required by owners, contractors, and architects.
  • Identification of materials: specs book, ordering samples and coordination into finish schedules/index. A complete recap of all interior FF&E specs inside the drywall.
  • Storyboards – compile and arrange into each category a storyboard for rooms, bath, corridors and all public areas
  • Prepare required documentation by contractors, architect, and governing body.

Phase 2: Preliminary Design

  • Formulate design approach in order to achieve requirements by ownership and other parties as appropriate.
  • Investigate several design alternatives for cost effective design and coordinate into floor plans, elevations, reflective ceiling plan and finish schedule.
  • Prepare independent elevations and floors plans for design submission and make sure tags match spec book
  • Preliminary coordination of finish schedule and index.

Phase 3: Design submissions

  • Perform detailed documents for Owner’s submissions.
  • Update final spec book, floor and elevations tags, reflective ceiling plan, storyboards, and finish schedule/index.
  • Print out into binders and bind all related design submission for owners, contractors, and other relevant parties.
  • Compile physical storyboard for ownership and only submission digital version.
  • Compile samples required by relevant parties.
  • Half sets for submissions.

Phase 4: Coordinate into plans

  • Submission Categories (A narrative has to be done).
  • Room type (each one gets a book).
  • Table of contents.
  • Finish Schedule.
  • Floor plans and elevations with tags.
  • Lighting schedule.
  • Lighting plan clouded.
  • Material and spec sheets (needs to have fabric sheets with qty).

Phase 5: Purchasing file

  • Time tables for the following:
  • Design about 4 weeks with “as builts” in hand
  • Design submission
  • FF&E  10 weeks

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